I wanna live in Fendi Palazzo

Karl confuses me. He makes a horrible Chanel RTW collection, but then he designs a lovely Cruise collection. Then he photographs the ad campaign for Fendi which is 100% boring. He photographs an editorial with Julia Stegner that I absolutely adored.

And then he makes this wonderful Fendi Palazzo campaign. Please Karl, be good all the time!

The making of:

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And you will always be fashionable…

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These pictures are 3 years old, but don’t you think they could be from this season?

Look at that vest (very Alexander McQueen), those shorts, the plaid shirts, the majorette jackets, the fur vest… are we old-fashioned or was this editorial visionaire?

Lately I’ve been thinking that all this “what’s in what’s out” is a lie. There’s nothing “out”. Fashion is about making new things, and wearing what we like, not about rejecting some clothes because they are “so last season”. You like baggy pants? Ok, wear them. You like colored glasses? Wear them.


Estas fotos son de hace tres años, ¿pero no os parece que podrían ser de esta temporada?
Mirad ese chaleco (muy Alexander McQueen), esos shorts, las camisas de cuadros, las chaquetas de majorette, el chaleco de piel… ¿estamos pasados de moda o esta editorial se adelantó?

Últimamente he estado pensando que todo esto de “lo que está in y lo que está out” no sirve para nada. La moda es ponerte lo que te gusta, no consiste en dejar de ponerte cierta ropa porque sea “muy de la temporada pasada”. ¿Te gustan los baggy pants? Genial, llévalos. ¿Te gustan las gafas de cristal tintado? Llévalas.

Sweet Mona
Vogue Paris March 2005
with Mona Johanesson by Patrick Demarchelier

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Songs that make me smile

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