Chanel No. 5 desktop wallpapers

Chanel released a few days ago a short film anticipating Brad Pitt’s spot for Chanel No.5 titled “For the first time”. In the video they tell the story of the fragrance in a ingenius way, very dynamic and quite frenetic. You can see the video and learn more details about the creation and evolution of Chanel No.5 at my new article for Absolut Mode Society.

The short film contains really beautiful pictures, photos and illustrations. I like the stills so much that I even use some of them as desktop wallpaper, and I thought that maybe you would like them too. They are captions of the video, resized to 1024×768 pixels. You can use them for the iPhone too, adjusting the image manually. They are for personal use.

Click on the images to see them, right click and save.

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Cristina Piña’s summer in La Provence

I attended Cristina Piña Spring/Summer 2013 collection presentation yesterday, at the Verde Pimienta new flowers atelier. The clothes were inspired by La Provence, with the delicate spirit of summer. I loved the collection, it was truly beautiful and chic. The lilac shorts with green beads, and the long dresses were just perfect. And the details on the back were astounding. Oh, the shoes are by Fosco.

I liked Cristina’s past collections (you can view one of them here), but this one is my favourite for sure. I’d buy every piece, from the canotier hats to the flower headbands, including the white short dresses.

PS: Thank you so much for your kind words on my new project with Vogue Spain Runway Rider. They mean a lot to me.

(sorry for the overexposed light! Ups)
Cristina Piña with Mayte de la Iglesia

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