Grazia Spain: the first steps of a magazine

It’s always great when a new magazine is born. The Spanish version of Grazia was announced months ago, in collaboration with Prisma Publicaciones (from Grupo Planeta), Mondadori (the original version’s editorial), and Charo Izquierdo as Editor in chief (she directed YoDona for twelve years, since the beginning). I’ve had the chance to talk with Charo and she told me some details about this new publication.

Grazia España will be a weekly magazine with fashion and news. Also, as a big change, the staff from the print version and the website will be the same: everyone will work for both medias. I think it is a great idea, a good website can really improve a print edition. It’s not just uploading the print articles to the website and adding some links. The Internet offers endless possibilities.

They opened the Twitter, the Instagram and the Facebook accounts of Grazia España  from the very moment the announcement of the launch was made (in September), and we’ve been able to follow the magazine’s first steps. The staff has been working on the magazine since July, but as there is no issue on the market yet, what is the process that takes place in the making of the first issue? Charo tells us:

“I began reading CVs on July, of people that I had already worked with, to create a trustworthy team. Natalia Bengoechea, Fashion and Beauty Director, was essential for me, and Alicia [Gil, editor in chief’s assistant). I also got in touch with people whose career I had been following, people I wanted to work with, like Paloma Leyra, deputy director. At the end of July I began meeting with people, and the rumours of this new project spread fast, even though they didn’t know it was Grazia Spain yet. At the same time, all the launching process was taking place: meetings with the advertising team, the marketing team, deciding the ad fees… The presentation of the magazine to labels, to the advertisers, trips to Italy (the original magazine was born in Italy), and lots of meetings with the teams from Mondadori to decide how we were doing the product. As well as developing the website, a very important element in Grazia… Meetings with suppliers… All sorts of decisions, about the type of paper, the magazine layout, the sections it will have…”

Thanks to the photos they’ve been uploading to Twitter and Facebook we know the following staff members:

Editor in chief: Charo Izquierdo
Assistant: Alicia Gil
Deputy director: Paloma Leyra
Fashion and Beauty Director: Natalia Bengoechea
Fashion Editor: Marta de la Calzada
Beauty Editor: Leyre Moreno
Writer: Patricia Rodríguez
Graphic Edition Editor: Jeanette Gaitán
Graphic section: Gonzalo Muiño
Stylist: Osiris Martínez
Editor: Ángel Martos
News Editor: Ana S. Juárez
Lifestyle and culture editor: Noelia Sastre

We don’t know yet if the magazine will be sold along with a newspaper, an important factor for a magazine, as it secures a big part of the sales. “An independent magazine magazine needs a different type of communication to get people to go to the newsstand and buy it” says Charo.

The magazine will be out in Spring, but they sent a mysterious “Save the date” yesterday (at the top of the post).

Can’t wait to read the first issue!

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  5. Espero que sea igual de buena que la italiana, la francesa o la británica.

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  13. Me encanta la rivista en italiano, cada semana la compro, me parece una buena revista porque habla un poquito de todo, tienen muy bellas fotos y la parte de la moda y interiors es siempre muy particular y sencilla….me muero della curiosidad de verla en espagnol…

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