Quentin Jones for Hoss Intropia Spring/Summer 2013

Hoss Intropia always manages to get the women of the moment for their campaigns. Not the most popular ones, but those that are making a difference with their work and attitude. It was the case of Helena Christensen and her first steps as photographer, the singer/drummer/keyboard Florrie (it was amazing seeing her at the drums on stilettos), Elin Kling, Sophie Auster, pianist Judith Jáuregui, Carmen Kass… And this Spring/Summer 2013 they’ve hired Quentin Jones, illustrator and audiovisual creative.

Quentin Jones studied Philosophy in Cambridge and then at Central Saint Martins. She’s made several short-films for Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Opening Ceremony, Marc by Marc Jacobs… She uses the stop-motion technique with her own illustrations and photos, that she cuts and alters to create movement. Her work has a very characteristic surrealist tone.

These are the campaign images for Hoss Intropia with Quentin (she’s also designed a handbag whose profits will go to a NGO). You’ll see a selection of her work afterwards.

Videos by Quentin Jones:

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7 thoughts on “Quentin Jones for Hoss Intropia Spring/Summer 2013

    Sandra • Feb 6, 2013, 13:45
  1. My Personal Shopper • Feb 6, 2013, 16:09
  2. Reptilia • Feb 6, 2013, 17:55
  3. Inés Cruz (@Ines_Cruz) • Feb 6, 2013, 19:45
  4. Como bien dices, uno de los puntos fuertes de las campañas de la marca es precisamente el que elijan mujeres de actualidad por sus éxitos preofesionales. La ropa también es ideal… sencilla, elegante y apta para todos los públicos.

    Gracias por compartirlo


  5. Zepequeña • Feb 6, 2013, 20:37
  6. Una coleccion con unas propuestas preciosas.


  7. SeGuapa • Feb 7, 2013, 10:47
  8. Aumento de mamas • Mar 27, 2013, 12:41

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