16 original Christmas gift ideas

Because giving someone a gift they love is the best thing, here you have some gift ideas for Christmas under €100. I already recommended some of these last year, but there are some things that never go out of style.

1. The perfect shoes: Made in Me is the new web that allows you to design the shoe you want, choosing between a catalog of silhouettes, heels, colors, leathers, prints… If you want to gift the perfect shoes, why not giving a card so she can design them herself?

2. Madrid Confidential Guide
The Madrid guide ellaborated by Carmen and Chloé from Madrid Confidential with secret plans, original places and a sense of humour. For €16,90.

3. My Little Momó manicure and pedicure treatment
To relax while they do your manicure and pedicure in the best ambient. She’ll love it. You can book a date here.

4. Anything from Laconicum
The web for cosmetic experts with the best selection of products and exquisite labels. You’ll want to buy everything.

5. The Monocle Guide for Better Living
The advice thet give may not be very affordable, but I’m sure the book is marvellous just like their magazine (you can read more about their illustrators here). The guide, available here.

6. Vintage Life issues
An original gift for a magazine lover. There a lots at eBay.

7. A good pair of headphones.
OK, this is what I want. In case Santa Claus is reading this: please, I want a very good pair of headphones, light and with a very good sound quality. I’ve been good…

8. Spotify subscription
The equivalent of a thousand music albums.

9. Book necklace
The tiny version of Olympia Le Tan’s handbags inspired by classic books. You can find the necklaces at Bunnyhell for €18.

10. Moschino Disaronno
The limited edition designed by Moschino whose profits will be given to charity. (photo by Cup of Couple)

11. The Newsroom mug: For those who miss Will McAvoy at News Night. For £9,99 at HBO store.

12. Filmin subscription: I guess it’s similar to Netflix. Filmin is one of my favourite online movies catalog. They have a great selection of independent movies and some commercial releases. The monthly subscription is from €8 to €15, and the year subscription is from €70 to €110. The best gift now that movie tickets are a luxury.

13. A movie poster:  ideas here.

14. The 10 seasons of Friends pack: who doesn’t like Friends? Having all the episodes in hand is great to re-watch them from time to time. The pack is €84,99 at Fnac.

15. A magazine subscription: that thing you don’t do yourself but if they give it to you for free is just awesome. And even better if it’s an international magazine. Here you’ll find a wide selection of foreign magazines to subscribe to.

16. A Polaroid camera: with several rolls, important. Because sometimes having thje photo on Instagram isn’t enough… You can find them at eBay.

Extra: World map watch for $2,75

In need of more ideas? Check last year’s post

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