Michael Zavros’ photorealistic paintings

Michael Zavros is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, that has collaborated with several fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger. He’s one of the most acclaimed Australian contemporary artists and has won several prizes thanks to his photorealistic paintings. In 2012 he won the Bvlgari Art Award. His subjects are quite varied: portraits, saturated landscapes, a suits series, the cobra ties, horses, centaurs… He uses charcoal, oil paint, watercolors…

His favourite contemporary artists are Sam Taylor-Wood, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Tilda Swinton and Phoebe Zavros. He lives in a very nicely decorated house with his wife Alice Kubler –art curator– and their children.


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4 thoughts on “Michael Zavros’ photorealistic paintings

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  3. Que pasada!!!No le conocía, Mónica muchísimas gracias por la info y por descubrirme siempre cosas nuevas^^es genial


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  5. Me encanta!

    Tal vez te guste también Cesar Galicia.


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