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Miss at la Playa will be back in September with new articles and a renewed spirit. In the meantime, you can read me at Runway Rider in Vogue Spain.

Thanks for standing by.

Photograph of a photograph by Robert Doisneau, Paris 1956


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Why fashion loves flowers


Flowers are much like fashion. They are beautiful, and they die young. Trends and flowers are admired and then discarded when they’ve faded out. Their short lifespan makes them precious. Like Leopardi said, “Death and fashion are sisters”.

Maybe this is why fashion loves flowers so much. Designers use them almost every season. In prints and as runway decoration. Dior has trusted in the powerful effect of a thousand flowers under Raf Simons’ reign, specifically orchids in the last Haute Couture show. And García Madrid created a beautiful space for the presentation of his latest collection. Little paper birds were attached to the branches of a tree, composing one of the most delicate and special ambients I’ve seen.

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