‘Ana la Santa’ restaurant in Madrid and Elephant & Castle watches


Today I dedicate the post to two awesome recent discoveries. A few months ago I had the chance to attend the presentation of the Elephant & Castle watches in Santa Ana restaurant in Madrid, and now both are among my favorites.

It is said that centuries ago, when smartphones hadn’t been invented yet, people used a watch to tell time. Today we can know what time is it just by looking at our phone, not only the time of the place we are, but also the time of anywhere in the world (because we have to set the time in London, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles as if we were international corporations). Wrist watches have become a complement whose aesthetic function exceeds its true value. Luckily, the watches by Spanish label Elephant & Castle meet both perfectly. The mechanism is Swiss and the design is great (I fell in love  with the metal model in pink). Oh, and the straps are interchangeable.

The room where the watches were presented the watches could not have been better. The decoration of the restaurant Ana la Santa (Plaza Santa Ana, 14) is lovely. Lots of light, a terrace that looks like a tropical jungle, and furniture that I would want for my house. The space has been designed by Sandra Tarruella, Tomás Tarruella’s sister, who is the mind behind the restaurant along with his group En compañía de lobos (his other restaurant, Bosco de lobos, is also highly recommended, in Hortaleza 63). Tomás is also known for the group he  co-founded with his mother Rosa Esteva, Grupo Tragaluz, that has opened some other nice restaurants such as Bar Tomate and Luzi Bombón.



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 Pics by Ana la Santa, Elephant & Castle and me


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The first rule of Supper Club is…


The first rule of Supper Club is: You do talk about Supper Club

I do not know if Supper Clubs are back, never left, or are demodé. But I find them to be the perfect plan to organize this fall and make the winter outlook a little bit more bearable. This initiative consists in planning dinners around the table in the company of awesome guests and a conversation in which you never hear someone say, “Isn’t it unbelievable how hot is its? And it’s almost November!”. The dishes are usually made ​​from organic ingredients, products purchased at faraway trips or snacks with a great story behind (“these gummies were made by nuns from an enclosered convent in Asturias, using real fruits”). The guests pay a fee for the invitations, thus covering the costs (and maybe a little more).

A few weeks ago I interviewed Laura Jackson for Vogue Spain and she transmitted me the joy in organizing these dinners. The multifaceted it-girl based in London met Alice Levine and together they decided to organize their own Supper Club. Every now and then they announce when the next dinner will take place (the next will be with Jamie Oliver!) and open the time to register (anyone can attend). The dinners are held at Laura’s apartment, and they select every detail, from the music, to the gifts they give to the guests.

Who knows, maybe you’ll have news of my Supper Club soon … For now I’ll stop by Kinfolk.

supperclubs-laura-jackson-and-levine4supperclubs-laura-jackson-and-levine3supperclubs-laura-jackson-and-levine2supperclubs-laura-jackson-and-levine1supperclubs-laura-jackson-and-levine7supperclubs-laura-jackson-and-levine5supperclubs-laura-jackson-and-levinePhotos by Jackson & Levine


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