About Miss at la Playa

This blog is written with the aim of sharing my love for fashion and art.

My name is Monica Parga, I live in Madrid, my favourite movie is Catch me if you can, I could listen to Semicharmed Life by Third Eye Blind on repeat forever, and if there’s anything that I love more than fashion, it’s the movies.

Hope you enjoy the blog. Thanks for visiting it.

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What people say about Miss at la Playa…

– For the romantic, original and bilingual! – Mrs. de Winter for El Fashionista
– It’s always such a pleasure to see what amazing photos she’s gathered and collages she’s artfully arranged. I highly recommend a visit, you could easily lose an hour gazing at her amazing posts – Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast)
– Mythical – Telva
– Always on the right path with what is most covetable and sometimes a step ahead with posting! – Ray Ray
– Stands out for: her happy style and her artsy elements in her blog – Glamour Greece
– [About the comic chapters on Frowie] I must say they are adorable and clever! I recommend them to all who have their inner child etching to be civil with their adult – self – Style Influential