Miss at la Playa in Glamour Greece & Telva! + A beautiful editorial

Glamour Greece March 2009

(it’s part of a fold-out page) (es parte de una página desplegable)

Thanks to Eva & Margot for translating the article for me! :)

The author: Monika P.
Stands out for: her happy style and her artsy elements in her blog. Monika P., student in Madrid, shares her favorite trends, proving that you can still be ‘in’ even if you don’t make malicious comments or gossip about celebrities and designers in every other post. Small DIY projects, such as how to make your own worn off tights, news from the catwalk, and the covers of favorite fashion magazines, as well as art projects, such as her own comic from the latest ad campaigns of famous fashion houses are being uploaded everyday by Monica P. Don’t neglect clicking on the story: The adventures of Frowie the front rower, it’s delightful!

(and in the black box): The student from Madrid Monika P. has set up a really friendly blog.

if anyone has that issue and is willing to send it to me, I’d be grateful! I’ll pay the price of the magazine and the shipping costs. /// Si alguien tiene el número y me lo puede enviar le estaría eternamente agradecida. Yo pagaría el precio de la revista y los gastos de envío.

Telva (Spain) April 2009

A beautiful editorial:

Eternamente inocente
Vanidad April 2009
by Esperanza Moya

scanned by me

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