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Today, instead of making a new post, I’m taking some time off to answer emails, questions, interviews, comments and everything. Tomorrow you’ll find a new post :)

Here you have a funny joke by Groucho Marx:
Someone: “The garbage men are here”
Groucho: “Tell them we don’t want any”.


Hoy en vez de postear estoy respondiendo emails, preguntas, entrevistas, comentarios y todo. Mañana os encontraréis un post nuevo :)

Os dejo con un chiste. En la traducción a español pierde la gracia.
“The garbage men are here”
Groucho Marx:
“Tell them we don’t want any”.

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Design makes the world a better place (or prettier at least)

Here you have a compilation of the latest images I’ve found. I love them, because I enjoy seeing new ways to create different and original things. Even if it’s for advertising purposes, adverts can be pretty too. I like the ads on the magazines, when they are beautiful, of course.

What a weird feeling of vertigo!

Brilliant :D (from stylesightings I think)

A interpretation of the Chanel logo.

The same background used for Winnie the Pooh and The Jungle Book. By Disney.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s business card. I love it, haha. From ffffound.

Funny :)

Totally true!


The bubble says: “Where is the mind when the body is here?” The drawing is striking.

most of these images are from ffffound.

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