Miss at la Playa’s Third Anniversary (and layout change!)

Last week (18th february), was Miss at la Playa’s third anniversary. Yes. Three years of posting almost everyday (it’s a bit overwhelming) meeting fantastic new people, attending great events… This blog has become a very important part of my life, thanks to the fabulous readers it has. I’d like to say thank you to everyone that reads Miss at la Playa and a double thank you to those of you that comment. It encourages me to keep posting and finding new ways to talk about art and fashion.

Thank you :)

I made some necessary changes in the layout of the blog. I finally found out how to add a third column to the blog and I quite like the result. If you see something wrong or weird, please tell me.
PS: I have some interesting new posts for you… wait until tomorrow! :)


La semana pasada (concretamente el jueves 18 de febrero) Miss at la Playa cumplió tres años. Sí. Tres años posteando prácticamente todos los días, tres años de conocer a gente fantástica, de asistir a eventos geniales… El blog se ha convertido en algo muy importante para mí, gracias a los geniales lectores que se pasan por el blog, y doble gracias a los que comentáis. Me anima a seguir buscando nuevas maneras de hablar sobre arte y moda.

Gracias :)

He hecho algunos cambios en el diseño del blog. Por fin averigüé cómo añadir una tercera columna, y la verdad es que me gusta el resultado. Si veis algo raro avisadme, por favor.
PD: Tengo un par de posts muy interesantes… esperad a mañana! :)
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February Events: Tea Party at Vogue, Special Davidelfín collection for Yoox, and the art escapade

February’s been one of the busiest months ever. I’ve had lots of events and no time to talk about them. I though I should dedicate a post to them.

Tea Party at Vogue

Vogue organized a fabulous tea party for bloggers in which they showed us the new Vogue website. The decoration was amazing, a mix between Marie Antoinette and Alice in Wonderland. Perfect for me! I loved it. Thanks to the people at Vogue.

photos by me and vogue.es

Davidelfin for Yoox

Yoox celebrated their tenth anniversary with the launch of a Davidelfin special collection. His brand was also born ten years ago, so he created ten looks that represent Davidelfin’s look. The fantastic people at Yoox showed us (the bloggers) the collection in an afternoon tea with a very cool cake. We talked with David Delfín for what seemed hours, and now I can assure you that he’s a very nice person, always laughing and telling us funny anecdotes about his childhood.

Yoox, an online fashion shop with lots of amazing products, knows the blogging world quite well, remember the presentation I attended? Their offices are awesome.

You can check (and buy) the collection here, and listen to the song Bimba sings, it’s very beautiful! She wrote it for David.

My favourite items:

Art in ARCO

Some photos I took at ARCO (massive art exhibition in Madrid)

Yes, Marina Pérez was there too! That photo is from an editorial featured in Vogue Spain, and the artwork is by Susy Gómez (thanks for the tip, Delia)

all photos by me, unless otherwise stated.

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