The work behind a fashion production

Elle UK is one of my favourite magazines. I read the issues several times every month, and I enjoy their good taste in fashion mixed with their classic english humour. They always do a feature in which they talk about the making of the issue, using numbers. It’s both fun and surprising. You can’t imagine all the work behind an editorial, how many people have worked together, the money needed…

They just launched their 25th Anniversary issue (October), with Kate Hudson on the cover (it seems like Kate is an Elle UK staple), and the usual “by the numbers” article is very interesting and fun. You can view the editorial here.

For the cover and main editorial…
  • 17 pizzas were devoured by Team Elle
  • 12 members of Elle crew making it happen
  • 1015 frames shot by photographer, Ben Hasset
  • 4 shades of Chanel eyeshadow used for Kate’s cover look
  • 100 minutes spent creating Kate’s make-up
  • 10 layers of extensions added to Kate’s hair
  • 35 pairs of crystal-encrusted party shoes in size 7
  • 5 bottles of rosé wine drank by Team Elle and Kate
  • 8 days spent creating ideas and moodboards
  • 39 dresses hanging on Kate’s Elle rail
  • 12 minutes spent by Kate in the pool in a Cavalli dress

For the whole issue…

  • 3 months from comission to printing
  • 24 suitcases carried through airports
  • 12 red pens used by Editor Lorraine Candy
  • 416 cocktails consumed researching the bar guide
  • 36 shades of red lipstick sampled
  • 25 moodboards
  • 119 editorial meetings
  • 247 shows attended
  • 653 cups of coffee
  • 350 tonnes of paper
  • 185 nails bitten
  • 689 post-it notes
  • 960 trips to the courier room
  • 10000+ samples called in
  • 34049 air miles
  • 1 office mouse, Clarence, spotted

Everything has to look perfect, that’s fashion. Any flaw is erased, edited, and photoshopped until it is how it should be. Fair play?

What we see…

What it was…

(click to view larger and read the notes)

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