Bimba & Lola S/S 2012 Jewelry

bimba y lola

I was at the Bimba & Lola S/S 2012 presentation yesterday, and as I expected, the collection is awesome. They’ve been inspired by the Memphis and Las Vegas culture, mixing materials and styles. Palm trees, convertible cars, glitter, stars, cactus… The designs for the jewelry are fun, original and surprising (photos of the clothes soon)  Let’s allow the items speak for themselves:

bimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lolabimba y lola
all photos by me

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Which fashion magazine are you? Take the test!

Fashion magazines are my guilty pleasure. Every month I wait for them to come out, and I buy them in pairs, so  I can enjoy each of them at a time.
I think every magazine has a personality. Vogue US is the socialite from the Upper East Side, Dazed and Confused is the that fun friend who always has the craziest ideas, Vogue Paris is a provocative girl… So, based on your tastes and your own personality, which is the magazine that fits you the most? I created a test in which you can find out your magazine soul mate.


Las revistas de moda son mi debilidad. Cada mes espero a que salgan, y las voy comprando poco a poco para disfrutarlas adecuadamente.
Siempre he pensado que cada revista tiene su propia personalidad. Vogue US es la socialite del Upper East Side, Dazed and Confused es aquel amigo al que se le ocurren los planes más locos, Vogue Paris es la chica provocativa… Así que, basándote en tus gustos y tu personalidad, ¿cuál es la revista que más te va? He hecho un test en el que podréis averiguar cual es vuestra alma gemela en formato revista.
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