Alexander Wang’s label identity through the campaigns


In order to create an identity for a label, every aspect of it must be taken care of. The clothes speak for themselves, but they also need the help of endless other elements: the stores decorations, the fashion shows, and the campaigns, to name a few. While looking for information for the article I wrote for Runway Rider in Vogue Spain about Alexander Wang’s career keys I revisited the label’s campaigns and immediately perceived the brand’s ideals (even though I already knew them). Spontaneity, rebellion, youth, freedom, happiness, sport, honesty, irony, creativity, mystery… They are achieved very effectively.

alexander-wang-campaign8 Die Antwoord

alexander-wang-campaign7 Azealia Banks alexander-wang-campaign6alexander-wang-campaign9alexander-wang-campaign14alexander-wang-campaign13alexander-wang-campaign15alexander-wang-campaign12alexander-wang-campaign11alexander-wang-campaign10alexander-wang-campaign5alexander-wang-campaign3 Zoe Kravitz alexander-wang-campaign2alexander-wang-campaign1alexander-wang-campaign

And this was Balenciaga Spring 2012 campaign… Do you see the resemblance too? balenciaga-campaign

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W Magazine Photo Archives: by color, stylist, and everything you can think of


I just discovered the W Magazine Photo Archives and I think it’s one of the most intelligent archives of a fashion publication. We love moodboards (explains the success of Pinterest), we love to organize pictures by theme, style, color, and have them displayed in an inspirational collage of visual imaginery. This might not be very useful if we’re looking for a specific picture, but it’s the best if we just want to enjoy the beauty of fashion.

By color:

By theme: Flowers

By stylist:


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