The photographs and collages by Peter Beard: An adventurer in Africa and Studio 54


One day, Peter Beard decided to go to Africa and bought a ranch in Kenya near the plantation that had belonged to Karen Blixen, author and main character of Out of Africa (also known as Isak Dinesen). He produced one of the best series of photographs of the continent, to which he returned several times during his life. Beard marked a style with his camera and experimented with the technique of collage, decorating pictures with quotes from Karen Blixen, Joseph Conrad, with images of the Kikuyu, with drops of blood, ink, and leaves. The photographer lived in peace on his ranch, and when he returned to New York, he was a star at the Studio 54 parties. On his diaries there are portraits of leopards, giraffes and African lions, mixed with snapshots of Mick Jagger, model Iman and Jackie Kennedy. Friend of Andy Warhol and Dali acquaintance, the life of Peter Beard was the talk of the seventies for his playboy reputation. An adventurer in every way.

“The question is not how to get cured, but how to live.”
Joseph Conrad


Peter with his daughter Zara – Photography by Alexandre Bailhach


© Peter Beard

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Cabins for disappearing for a few days (or weeks)


I just discovered Cruschiform‘s work and I am already a fan. Marie-Laure Cruschi is an artist based in Paris, where she has her studio. She uses modular forms to create these retro-futuristic illustrations. They remind me of the vintage backgrounds that Disney used to design for their movies, a style that Pixar now uses for still backgrounds.

She has created the illustrations for Philip Jodidio’s book on cabins, a selection of some of the most unique cabins by Renzo Piano, Terunobu Fujimori, Tom Kundig and other architects.


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