National Geographic: Around the world in 125 years


National Geographic has edited a book with more than 1000 of their best photographs from their archives, filled with the material compiled after 125 years documenting the world. Some of the pictures had never previously been published. The collection is divided into three books, organized by continents. You can have a look inside the books at Taschen’s website. I did, and now I am feeling the urge to buy the first flight to Australia, South America or India, and take photographs until I ran out of film (more on that subject soon).

The photographs show the interaction between landscapes and the humans that inhabit them. You might be looking at the valley of Taipi on Nokuhiva, and you can even feel the life in it, captured in an instant and brought back to the present. “It is a testimony about human culture“, as National Geographic has been described. The images offer a subtle view on society’s evolution too, shown in the people’s attitude towards these adventurers that sneaked into their lives. At first they posed happily, but there came a moment in which the situations portrayed were close to unsettled.

Some of the photographers featured are Steve McCurry (who took the famous picture of the Afghan girl), Frans Lanting, George Rodger and James Nachtwey.

A market in India, a giant iceberg in Antarctica, the façades of Al Khazneh, the navy of Greenland, a couple of inuits in a canoe, the bears of Canada, a long view of Central Park, the streets of Paris…Every photo is fascinating. A world tour ticket.

PS: If you want to dive into National Geographic‘s archives, have a look at their great Tumblr featuring old photos from the magazine.

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national-geographic6national-geographic7national-geographic13national-geographic4national-geographic3national-geographic2national-geographic16national-geographic15national-geographic12national-geographic11national-geographic9national-geographic8national-geographic19J. Baylor Roberts, Singapore, 1939

national-geographic14national-geographic18national-geographic17national-geographic1national-geographic1940-national-geographicAll images © National Geographic

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The Little Prince by Eugenio Recuenco

(click on the image to view full size)

Eugenio Recuenco is one of the best Spanish photographers, and not only in the fashion industry. He’s made several commercials, like the ad for the Nina Ricci parfum, the ‘Aire Loco’ video for Loewe (the one in which the model licks a drop of champagne off her knee), as well as music videos, scenographies and short films. His work is characterized by an oneiric and magical spirit in which each image is able to tell a story, maybe inspired by a classic fairytale or an original story.

One of his latest works, The Little Prince, is receiving awards on every festival. It is a very powerful image that makes the observer think about its meaning. At least it’s what happened to me. I received the picture via the Eugenio Recuenco newsletter that announced its latest award. The only information they gave was the title of the picture and the awards, nothing else. The logical conclusions of the picture lead us to think about the devastation caused by war and what is lost in them: people, valuable stories, illusions, ideas, hopes.

Actually, the image belongs to a series dedicated to promote literature and pointing out the consequences of video-games, smartphones and television over books. “When you spend all those hours playing war video games, it’s not just your enemies you finish off. Save a book, read a book”. You can view all the images here.

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