The studio of Isabel López-Quesada


Isabel López-Quesada is a decorator and interior designer. This is her beautiful studio and shop in Madrid.

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Nice stuff

Sofa ‘chocolat’, 4.779€

A selection of nice products sold at Samyroad, a cool platform to be part of. Wanna know more? Check this article I wrote about Samyroad. My Samy profile is ‘missatlaplaya’. See you there!

Constellations freckles, illustration by Sara Herranz, 20€

Illustration by Sara Herranz, 20€

Table, 7500€

Shoes, 87€

Glasses, 195€

Tote, 160€

Shirt, 105€

Ankle boot, 83€

Derby shoes, 99€

New Balance shoes, 90€

Quartz pendant, 60€

Top 25€ – Sweater 55€ – T-shirt 27€

Trousers (left) 158,40€ – Dress (right) 154€

Sweater, 39,90€

Monk shoes, 155€

iPhone case, 25€

Wood ruler, 18€

Table, 1045€ 

Bike, 293€

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