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Sofa ‘chocolat’, 4.779€

A selection of nice products sold at Samyroad, a cool platform to be part of. Wanna know more? Check this article I wrote about Samyroad. My Samy profile is ‘missatlaplaya’. See you there!

Constellations freckles, illustration by Sara Herranz, 20€

Illustration by Sara Herranz, 20€

Table, 7500€

Shoes, 87€

Glasses, 195€

Tote, 160€

Shirt, 105€

Ankle boot, 83€

Derby shoes, 99€

New Balance shoes, 90€

Quartz pendant, 60€

Top 25€ – Sweater 55€ – T-shirt 27€

Trousers (left) 158,40€ – Dress (right) 154€

Sweater, 39,90€

Monk shoes, 155€

iPhone case, 25€

Wood ruler, 18€

Table, 1045€ 

Bike, 293€

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World maps for your wall

Having a big sized world map on the wall is one of the best decoration ideas. It is inspiring and instructing. Also, there’s always the possibility to point out the cities you’ve visited (and the ones you plan to travel to).

There are a lot of options. Buying the map on a canvas, like the Ikea option (it’s really nice, I have it at home and I love it); find a wallpaper with a world map print; vinyls; or a more original option like Zubi’s (above). Zubi (I adore their handbags) just released that fantastic map in cotton for €150. It has the perfect vintage aura. I picture it in the captain’s cabin of a XVIII Century ship.


At Ikea, for €99 - Image



Wall paper, for $156 aprox (different sizes) 
Vinyl, $60


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