W Magazine Photo Archives: by color, stylist, and everything you can think of


I just discovered the W Magazine Photo Archives and I think it’s one of the most intelligent archives of a fashion publication. We love moodboards (explains the success of Pinterest), we love to organize pictures by theme, style, color, and have them displayed in an inspirational collage of visual imaginery. This might not be very useful if we’re looking for a specific picture, but it’s the best if we just want to enjoy the beauty of fashion.

By color:

By theme: Flowers

By stylist:


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Jessica Chastain editorial in Vogue inspired by famous paintings

The Vogue US December 2013 cover may appear weird at first because of Jessica Chastain‘s strange pose, but the photograph is actually inspired by the famous painting by Frederic Leighton “Flaming June”, painted between 1894 and 1895. This piece wasn’t bidden for at its lowest price ($140) at an auction in the 60’s, but it was later acquired by Luis A. Ferré for the Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico, where you can find it now. The editorial, photographed by the great Annie Leibovitz, includes images inspired by iconic portraits from the late 19th century and early 20th from artists such as Klimt, Magritte, Matisse, van Gogh… And also Julia Margaret Cameron’s famous portrait.

Fashion and art, those inseparable sisters. We saw it on the post about the blog Part Noveau and the reinterpretations of icons, and also on the campaign by Valentino inspired by Flemish painters.

Gustav Klimt, Frauenbildnis (Portrait of Ria Munk III), 1917-1918

Anders Zorn, Portrait of Mrs. Grover Cleveland, 1899

Vincent van Gogh, La Mousmé, 1888

Julia Margaret Cameron, Christabel, 1866

René Magritte, La Robe du Soir, 1955

Henri Matisse, Odalisque with Red Culottes, 1869-1954

Félix Vallotton, Le Retour de la Mer, 1924

All photos from Vogue US

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