Zubi handbags in still life paintings from el Prado

For the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Mer and Elena, designers of Zubi, have been inspired by the still life paintings from the Museo del Prado. The campaign shows the handbags as part of fruit bowls, with fish, sheepskin, imitating pieces by Zurbarán, Pedro Camprobín, Juan de Arellano, Bartolomé Montalvo… The photographs were taken by box923 and styled by Mercedes Zubizarreta. The perfect combination of art and fashion.

The Zubi handbags are printed with original photos of landscapes and nature. They are made in cotton and suede. On this post I talked about them. They are really lovely!

“Cesto con melocotones y ciruelas” Pedro Camprobín, 1654

“Dos racimos de uvas” Juan Fernandez “el labrador”, s.XVIII

“Bodegón de frutas”, Juan de Arellano, around 1660

“Bodegón”, Francisco de Zurbarán, 1650

“Agnus Dei”, Francisco de Zurbarán, 1635 – 1640

“Besugo”, Bartolomé Montalvo, late XVIIIth Century

Eugenia Silva and Gala González wearing the Zubi handbags

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Chanel-esque chain as camera strap (best DIY idea ever!)

The other day I was reading Gala González‘s latest post when I saw this picture. She uses a Chanel-esque chain as camera strap! How hadn’t I thought about that? It is the best idea ever. I usually carry a camera to the events (plus the zoom lens), and the case is quite unstylish (dear designers, can you make a decent one please? I promise I’ll buy it if I like it. Zara, are you listening?). So this DIY chain idea by Gala is such a relief, I’m searching for a cute chain to add it to my camera now.

UPDATE: It is an idea of Sarah Frances Kuhn, accesories editor at Teen Vogue, and she sells the straps at her online store for around $55. Thanks itFashion for the tip! :)

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