A romantic garden – Georgia May Jagger photographed by Venetia Scott

It’s been ages since I last published an editorial on the blog. Here you have this beautiful photoshoot by Venetia Scott for Vogue UK October 2013 with Georgia May Jagger (read her interview here). The editorial is titled “Dream a little dream on me”.

Venetia Scott is one of my favourite photographers. She made this editorial with Elle Fanning and also Paule Ka’s campaigns.

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Interview with Georgia May Jagger and Josh McLellan


­A couple of weeks ago the Sisley F/W 2013-2014 campaign was shot in Le Manoir des Gandines, a beautiful maison 35 min from Paris. The stars: Georgia May Jagger daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall; and Josh McLellan, model, musician, and Georgia’s boyfriend. It was photographed by Olivier Zahm, founder of Purple magazine.

Judging by the making of photos (which illustrate this post), the campaign must look great! Loving it.

Thanks to Sisley I had the opportunity to interview Georgia and Josh about their career, their favourite books and TV shows, where they like to hang out in London, and some other topics:

· You probably spend a lot of time at airports and on planes… What do you do to keep yourself entertained?
GEORGIA: If I am traveling alone I always carry my computer with me so I am able to watch a lot of movies or documentaries. I love shows on Natural Geographic. Instead, if Josh and I are together we generally talk a lot on flights.
JOSH: If I am traveling alone I like to make music on my laptop.

· Which are your favorite places in London to hang out?
GEORGIA: When I am in the UK, I really like to spend time at Josh’s parents’ house. But if we have to go out I like Café House in London Bridge or some Thai restaurant in the city.
JOSH: Yes Café House in London Bridge is defiantly cool!

­· Can you share with us a good memory of your childhood with your parents?
GEORGIA: I would say when I went to Barley on holiday with the family. I even took some dancing classes of the typical dance there for about three weeks, I got really into when I was about six. Other great memories were also the trips to Africa that were really cool.
JOSH: Once we went skiing and we found a huge pile of snow. It was almost 5 feet deep. So my dad, my brother and I decided to jump in it. We had to climb out of all that snow.. I was so much fun!

· Georgia, what’s the best advice your mother [Jerry Hall] has given to you?
GEORGIA: My mom always says that the most important part of everything I do is to be interested/curious about many things, have fun and be happy. Another important advice which I always follow is to be myself, have my own style and never think about other people’s judgments.

· What’s the best thing about working with Olivier Zahm?
GEORGIA: I have known Olivier for a long time so I felt very relaxed; it is not too stressful to work with him because he is very fine as a person.
JOSH: He has got a good energy and it is very kind. He also let me took some pictures of him too!

· What’s your favorite piece from this Sisley collection?
GEORGIA: I was very surprised by the Fall-Winter Sisley collection. It is really amazing and there are many pieces that I would like in my wardrobe. My favorite Sisley pieces are the oversized red coat, the black leather dress with laser cut outs, the see through blouse as well as the strapless fitted pleaded black dress. Accessories too in this collection are extremely comfortable. I am sure you will be seeing me next fall wearing a lot of the pieces in the Sisley collection.
JOSH: The man’s collection has a really good fit. It has got a simple esthetic which is very wearable.

You can follow Georgia and Josh on Twitter

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