Supermodels with superpowers! – Comic Book Fall 2012

This season’s comic book made with the Fall/Winter 2012 campaigns is here! Hope you like it :) It was fun making it.

Previous chapters:

“Supermodels strike again”
“The Amazing Fashionistas”
“The Scary World of the Fashion Ad Campaigns”

comic “booms” from here
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Logos Quiz: Guess the fashion label!

There is an app at the App Store called “Logos Quiz” which consists, basically, in guessing all sorts of logos from all kinds of areas. Automobile, food, technology… It’s really addictive, and it makes you realize the amazing amount of brands our brain has registered. We can identify Rolex’s logo just by seeing that unique crown, or the Converse logo with that star. Oh, the importance of a good logo!

It is quite fun, so I decided to make a fashion version. I’ve selected 73 logos, let’s see if you can guess them all!

18 logos

15 logos

40 logos

Easy, right? Is there any logo you couldn’t identify? I’ll post the answers in a few days! :)

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