Rue du Tambour and their handbags inspired by India, Mexico, Laos…

Coco and María are the two creators behind Rue du Tambour, a handbag label that was just born this summer and has already won many people’s hearts thanks to their eclectic designs inspired by the traditional styles from India, Mexico, Thailand, Laos

The creation process of the handbags is as follows: “We design them and we look for artisans that make them for us. We usually collaborate with small textile artisans and they elaborate the handbags from the ideas we have. But also, we search for items already made that we like and we add our ‘tambour’ touch customizing them” explain Coco and María.

Every culture is an endless source of inspiration: “From India we can still find many ideas because their fabric craftsmanship is marvelous. The mixes of old fabrics in India allow you to create an amazing potpourri with them. The mixture of elements and how eclectic it can be is fantastic. But America is also a big source of inspiration, the use of wool is amazing in South America, their colours… We also like Morocco and how they work with leather.” they add.

They’ll soon introduce a collection of metal handbags with Arab styles and a touch of Victorian elements. An impossible mix that I’m sure will look amazing.


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A ballerina’s handbag by Nina Ricci

If it wasn’t for the story that accompanies these bags, I wouldn’t probably have talked about them on the blog, but when I read it I thought it was really special. At Nina Ricci they were inspired by the bags that ballerinas carry to go to their rehearsals and auditions and have created five maxi handbags for the Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Cute! They look very nice and practical.

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