CJ Hendry’s photorealistic drawings

CJ Hendry is a young illustrator that creates these amazing photorealistic drawings inspired by fashion pieces: the Chanel 2.55 bag, a bottle of No.5, a pair of Saint Laurent shoes, the Kenzo loafers… And bones too: spinal columns, skulls… So far, the most technically challenging drawing was the fedora hat by Ralph Lauren.

This artist based in the sunny city of Brisbane, Australia, is able to create true black and white masterpieces with her talent, a white piece of paper by Canson, and fine (really fine) pens by Staedtler and endless labels. To get those loyal shadows and lights she first sprays the object with white paint (yes, she did that with a real 2.55 too, as you can see on this video. Advise: not for fashion-sensitive people). Then she takes a photo of it, makes the draft guided by the proportions of the original photo, and finally she draws it with nearly microscopical strokes, using several layers of strokes and shadows. In order not to get bored after hours and hours spent at her studio drawing, she listens to audiobooks while working. She’s already “listened” to the first four Game of Thrones books, which last more than 30 hours each. You can make an idea of how much time those drawings take… She spends days to finish a drawing (some of them are more than 2,5m long), and when she draw the Louboutin sneakers, just the right shoe took five days.

She’s shown her work in galleries. She doesn’t have a website, but you can follow her creations at her Instagram account. Right now she’s studying at the university and squeezing time to draw.

CJ Hendry next to one of her works

Photos and drawings by CJ Hendry

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Fashion illustrations by Mireia Jade

One of the many great things about having a blog is the number of artists I’ve discovered in all these years when they show me their work. It’s the case of Mireia Jade, a young illustrator that gets inspiration from fashion photographs to create these clean drawings. I loved them just the second I saw them, and I went through all the entries of her blog to check all of the drawings she had posted and guess what was the original image that inspired them. Can you try to guess these? Let me tell you just the next: Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi. An unforgettable photo.

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