Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 – Presentation in Madrid

The presentation of the Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 collection took place in Madrid yesterday and I had the chance to visit it and take photos of the cool artsy accessories that characterizes next season’s style. The french maison was inspired by modern art and interpreted it in an ironic way. Jackets that look like made of tweed but that are actually made with a print, the Boy bag printed with a spray, backpacks that look like belonged to a graffiti artist… My favourite was the bag above, inspired in the cap of the Nº5 bottle.

The big pearls, the multiple versions of the 2.55… Everything was there. The J12 watches too, an amazing model that shows the moon phases.

Enjoy the collection!

           Photos by Mónica Parga

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Eco-friendly restaurants and cafés in Madrid

Photo by Aiala Hernando

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I still keep the school calendar mode and I make my own list of resolutions after the summer holidays. September is the moment to embark in new challenges. This year, amongst other resolutions, I’ve decided to adopt a more eco-friendly attitude in all the aspects I can. About fashion, cosmetics, and food. For this reason I’m dedicating today’s post to a selection of cafés and restaurants in Madrid that offer ecological products from local productions, homemade recipes, season fruits and vegetables, food free of artificial processes… And of course, good quality!

This is the first article of a series of ‘eco’ posts, a personal initiative in collaboration with Kellogg’s for their latest campaign about the new formules of their Special K cereals (dark chocolate, chocolate and milk, red fruits and classic). The brand offered to support me in the challenge I chose, and I opted for a more ‘eco’ life. So, here you have the guide of eco-friendly restaurants and cafés in Madrid:

· Olive
Conde Duque 24
It’s the eco adventure of Nacho Rodríguez de Padrón (known for Maricastaña and La cajita de Nori), Nori Sánchez and Olivia Heyraud. Their crêpes are famous all over the town (you can’t miss the one with Spanish ham, smoked salmon, cream and onion), just like their homemade cajes. It’s perfect to enjoy a lunch while reading a magazine in their industrial-vintage decoration. They have a menu with eco-friendly dishes, take-away salads, and soon, a selection of wines and cheeses.

· Sani Sapori
Lavapiés 31.
Homemade ice-creams using bio and KM 0 products (produced within the Madrid community), in all tastes. They are famous also for their tiramisu, their hot chocolate and their homemade cakes and desserts. It’s open everyday in October except Tuesdays, and only from Thursday to Sunday in November.

· A bona vida
Navas de Tolosa 3
A quiet café-shop with eco and fair commerce products in which you’ll find season fruits and vegetables, and crafts. In their menu you’ll find: fair commerce coffee 100% arabica with bio milk (cow, soy, oat, spelt or rice), more than 30 different teas and infusions, juices, beverages, beers, wine, cocktails…

· Motha
Santa María 39
A deli-café with a special touch founded by Daniel and Syl with the aim of promoting healthy cuisine and provide a relaxing place to enjoy a good company. The menu is very varied: creams, salads, snacks, poach eggs à la Fiorentina that many ones love… For breakfast, all sorts of homemade breads, lemonades, smoothies, fruits lassies, their famous carrot and ginger cake, homemade yogurt… And brunch on Sundays! In case you want to make their bread yourself, they offer bread courses.

 · El Azul
Fúcar 1
Eco-friendly coffees, vegetarian menus and an admirable selection of cakes: apple struddel, millefeuille dulce de leche cake, carrot pie, chocolate cake… Their favourite dish is the hamburger (also in the vegetarian version) ad the hummus. In summer you can enjoy the smoothies (they recommend the one with orange, strawberrt and mint), and milkshakes. At night it turns into a cocktail bar. There’s a library on the inside, and daily press for you to read while enjoying a sandwich. Pets accepted!

· La Bicicleta
San Idelfonso 9
It was born form the love for coffee, bikes and art. Here you’ll find urban art exhibits, a selection of pastries (cakes, cookies and brownies), and lots of bike fans, There’s also a workplace with free wi-fi and wall sockets (we must be thankful for being able to recharge our mobile phone battery), perfect to work in while tasting a homemade french croissant. In their menu you’ll find salads, nachos, bagels, toasts and their specialty: danish bread sandwhiches. Everything is natural and homemade. Quique and Tammy are the owners.

· Oita Café
Hortaleza 30
A local of high pastries founded by Ángeles Laso with delights that sound like these: teas and eco infusions, jams and honey, carrot cakes, violets, cheesecakes, rose layer cakes, millefeuille cakes (cream and apple, merengue and cream, chocolat cream, praliné…) the mini caramel in cacao, vanilla and praliné, and their unforgettable little chapattas.

· Yoy
Barbieri 26
How good is frozen yogurt, and how even better it is when it’s eco-friendly. Here you’ll find frozen yogurts in all flavours without fats, vegan pastries, coffees, frappés, juices and milkshakes with natural milk.

· Cobb Moss
Augusto Figueroa 33
A chicken grill eco-friendly house famoys also for their homemade bread (from the Harina restaurant). They have a take-away shop and a restaurant in front with a daily menu, caipirinhas, lemonade, mojitos…

Pan de Harina. Photo by Aiala Hernando

· La infinito
Tres Peces 22
Café-library with a selection of coffees, teas and toasts made with bread with sea water. Dishes for vegetarians and vegans.

Photo by Aiala Hernando

· Café Kino
Olivar 19
It’s perfect for movie fans. They organize screenings with matching menus (for Casablanca, it’s wine and cheese). They offer vegetarian and vegan menus, and fair commerce products.

· La mojigata
Lope de Vega 7
A comfy café with eco-friendly and natural menus, vegetarian dishes every week except for fridays. They offer a catering service, and a blog where they publish their recipes and activities.

· Ecocentro
Esquilache 2 to 12
Ecocentro is one of the most famous eco stores in Madrid. Apart from their groceries section they also have eco-friendly cosmetic products and herbalist. Store (also online!) and restaurant.

Photo by Aiala Hernando
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