Get the book by We Are Knitters and learn how to knit (at last)

Photo by Nadia Bolshakova

We Are Knitters, a really cool label, just launched a book with patterns and keys to get started in the knitting world. The book, titled “All the happiness in a book”, contains 29 models to knit scarves, sweaters, hats, vests, and three decoration patterns to make a pillow, a blanket and a Christmas sock. Also, they show some instructions to learn to knit (or remember it), which are the most versatile techniques, the tools you’ll need, and lots of advice on how to take care of your finished pieces.

It’s autumn, it’s cold, and there are many rainy Sunday afternoons ahead… It’s the perfect time for knitting. We Are Knitters has given me one of their books to giveaway, so if you want, here’s the contest:

How to participate:
– Leave a comment on this entry saying at what time of the day would you knit.
– The giveaway is open worlwide.
– It ends in November 26th at 23:59 GMT +1-
– The winner will be chosen randomly through Sortea2.


The best thing about We Are Knitters is that apart from selling wool, needles, etc, they also have a clothing catalog that you can make yourself. They give you the right amount of wool, the tools you need, and the pattern in a complete knit. You’ll get pieces like these:

Cardigan bicolor

Wool scarf


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