The coat that I never bought

Image: Stockholm Streetstyle

I almost bought this sheep coat when Zara was selling it around winter of 2011. I loved it but I knew that I would rarely wear it, so it was never crossed out of my wishlist. The same thing happens with leopard print coats. I like how they look, but they are one of those difficult trends that you don’t know if you will make use of them or they’ll end up at the bottom of the closet with the vinyl leggings, the plumetti stockings or the mint dress.

That photo of Anna Selezneva came up on my Tumblr dashboard last week and I remembered how much I liked that coat. I’m thinking again about buying it. The Zara version is no longer available, but I found some other similar coats at Asos:

All from Asos (at Dscuento you’ll find promo codes up to -70% and free shipping). From left to right: 134,78€95,69€90,98€128,04€

Jacket from Bershka, 39,99€

The Zara coat from 2011

The leopard print coat, a permanent member of my wishlist. You can find a similar one in Zara for 79,95€Image source

Do you also experience this? Which are the pieces that never leave your wishlist?

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Sweater weather

Sweater season is inaugurated!

From Asos (you can find discounts at Cuponation): Furry 52,05€ – Silver effect, 58,86€

With pattern 58,56€ – Furry 52,05€

Mohair 58,56€

Burgundy wool, &Other Stories, 75€

Zara, 39,95€

Mango, cotton, 37,95€

Jewellery sweater, from Suiteblanco, 29,99€

&Other Stories, 75€

Mango: Pink, 17,99€ - Grey, 19,99€

Mango: Lurex and merino wool, 27,99€ – Mottled, 27,99€

First image credit: here
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